Choco-Favourites – the Top Ten

In no particular order, these are my Top Ten recipes using cocoa and/or chocolate. Some are very humble like the Chocolate Oaties and others are more sophisticated (the Chocolate Layer Cake), but they all have a place in my repertoire of chocolate recipes.

Chocolate Happiness (aka Hip Padders)
Chocolate Chunk Muffins
Shrek Bars (aka Layered Bars)
Chocolate Saucy Pudding
Dark Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate Oaties
Mocha-Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate-Coffee Crinkles
Chocolate Layer Cake
Chocolate Swirl Yoghurt Cake with Coconut Topping

Chocolate and cocoa powder are essential ingredients in my kitchen cupboard. The no-name brand cocoa powder and Mambo chocolate that I use may not be top quality, but it works in baking and the flavour can be enhanced with a touch of coffee or espresso – several of the recipes above are, in fact, a combination of chocolate and coffee flavours.


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